Aileen Carroll’s path of destruction continues

Vandals take their toll on Alma amphitheatre

Vandals take their toll on Alma amphitheatre

From Bob Foster in Brampton, Ont
Monday September 28th,2009 marked 16 months to the day that we lost Alma College in St.Thomas,Ontario.On the property at 96 Moore Street 2 buildings remain standing,as does the unique outdoor amphi-theatre.The thousands of Alma supporters would like our culture minister to designate the property with “Provincial Heritage Designation”,so the property will be protected from any further neglect.The chapel and music building have remained untouched since the May 2008 inferno completely destroyed beautiful & historic Alma College,sadly the outdoor amphi-theatre which was restored by residents of St.Thomas shortly after the fire,is now facing a daily dose of vandalism.Our culture minister has failed to see the historic value of this property and 2 remaining structures.In the headlines almost on a daily basis is our culture minister handing out millions of dollars to one organization or another,yet funds cannot be provided to fully restore the 2 remaining structures and outdoor amphi-theatre,at 96 Moore Street.If the property was protected with heritage designation,this would pave the way for the last remaining part of the Alma College legacy,to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.Aileen Carroll failed 16 months ago to properly designate Alma College,which more than likely would have prevented this tragedy from ever taking place,and instead of mourning the loss,we would have been celebrating the grand re-opening of this once magnificent structure.The Alma supporters ask Aileen Carroll to recognize the huge contribution 96 Moore Street has made to our province.The property is at risk of becoming a distant memory,but with government intervention the property could once again become a valuable part of St.Thomas.16 months of silence from Aileen Carroll is not a positive sign from the one person who is supposed to champion the cause of preserving our heritage,instead we are left to wonder,WHO IS PROTECTING OUR PAST?

One thought on “Aileen Carroll’s path of destruction continues

  1. Ian,
    Thanks for keeping 96 Moore Street in the headlines.I’ve been sending e-mails almost daily to culture minister Aileen Carroll hoping she will take her head out of the sand and realize the property at 96 Moore Street is as important today as it was when Alma College was standing tall & proud on that very spot.We have this unique opportunity to save the chapel,the music building and re-build the outdoor amphi-theatre,before vandals completely erase the past.All we need is for the Ontario government to designate the property and provide some funding to bring 96 Moore Street back to life.St.Thomas is a beautiful city,but if the government doesnt help small cities protect their built heritage,it will disappear like so many others.

    Bob Foster


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