St. Thomas-Elgin Branch of ACO applauds preservation of Elgin County Courthouse

Elgin County Courthouse

Members of the St. Thomas-Elgin branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario applaud the decision to preserve the historic Elgin County Courthouse by consolidating the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice under one roof.
“We’re thrilled that the project preserves the heritage of the 1853 courthouse,” branch president Suzanne van Bommel said. “Credit must go to where it is due – to Steve Peters, our member of provincial parliament. I know first hand his commitment to this project and how hard he has worked over the years to preserve this beautiful building.”
The decision illustrates that heritage conservation is fully compatible with modern requirements. The city and county get a modern, fully accessible courthouse facility that will create short and long term jobs located in the heart of downtown. ACO branch members believe that the project will have additional spin-off benefits, spurring further development in the west end of the city. It will also act as a model for other creative re-uses of the city’s many heritage properties.
The St. Thomas-Elgin Branch of ACO was formed in April of this year in response to the devastating loss of historic Alma College due to neglect and arson.
The Architctural Conservancy of Ontario was formed in 1933 with the express purpose to “preserve buildings and structures of architectural merit”.
For further information, contact:
Suzanne van Bommell, branch president, 519-200-6700
Serge Lavoie, branch secretary, 519-859-7763

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