If you’re not talking poverty issues, then re-think your campaign platform

Can’t say we’ve seen any reference to this in campaign literature, so the relevance of a poverty survey is timely as the Oct. 27 municipal election looms.
While candidates dwell on jobs and the economy, the impact of job losses and the proliferation of low-paying, part-time jobs needs to be front and centre on the campaign trail.
Bridges Out of Poverty St. Thomas- Elgin is asking candidates to respond to a poverty-focused survey launched this week. All candidates have been contacted regarding the initiative.
The online survey is part of a collaborative local/provincial project coordinated by the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health and administered by local partners such as Bridges Out of Poverty.
“The purpose of the project is to build awareness and support among decision makers for healthy public policy which assists in reducing poverty and food insecurity in Ontario,” writes Erin Woolley, Bridges Out of Poverty coordinator.
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Trio exhibit fine form skating around park


It dropped off the radar screen more than a year ago only to surface at Monday’s council meeting. We’re talking about the long-proposed skateboard park, for which a committee was formed several years ago and which hasn’t convened since June, 2013.

Included on the committee were three members of council — aldermen Lori Baldwin-Sands, Mark Cosens and Tom Johnston — and it would appear therein lies the problem.

At least that is the opinion of Shelly Axford, one of three members of the city’s skateboard community to sit on the committee. We talked with her this week on her observations of the committee’s work.

“To my knowledge I’m still on the committee. I haven’t resigned. I don’t know what’s going on with it. The kids need something so they’re not hanging around the streets trying to figure out what to do with themselves.”

The park is supposed to be located east of the Timken Centre and that is about all that has been determined.
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Of buzzers, boycotts, barbs and boarders

The buzzer has sounded, the counter is closed and the nomination deadline has come and gone for the 2014 municipal vote.
By choosing to withdraw his aldermanic papers and instead seek to become the head of council, Mark Cosens makes it a three-way race with Cliff Barwick and Heather Jackson.
In the aldermanic race, a total of 19 are in the running thanks to a final week blitz.
Voters have the opportunity to elect seven from the following candidates: John Allen, Brett Bear, Ken Boe, Mark Burgess, Gary Clarke, Jaqueline DeLeebeeck, Rose Gibson, Walter H. Green, Tom Johnston, Jeff Kohler, Frank Lattanzio, Mike Manary, Todd Rowley, Joan Rymal, Beverly Splane, Linda Stevenson, Mark Tinlin, Phil Thomson and Steve Wookey.

Late last month, Times-Journal reporter Ben Forrest wrote a factual account of an interview he recorded with Cosens announcing his intention to seek re-election.
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Forget the petition, file nomination papers


Were you one of the hundreds (thousands?) of individuals who signed the Bob McCaig petition which warned the city cannot afford to construct a new police facility?

What were your expectations with this document? No doubt most concerned ratepayers believed the petition would be presented to members of council. Perhaps in the form of a deputation. A barometer of voter frustration.

So, what exactly has happened to the petition? Is it still on display in downtown businesses awaiting further signatures?

The call to action prompted a letter to the editor Wednesday from St. Thomas lawyer Thomas Por.
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Bob McCaig’s St. Thomas Municipal Election Report

poll cover page
Here is the full copy of Bob McCaig’s 400-respondent 2014 municipal election poll conducted in August.

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