‘We need a team of eight people with vision’ – aldermanic candidate Joan Rymal

Joan Rymal forwarded these thoughts for consideration as the Oct. 27 municipal election approaches . . .

“We have the money. Can we find a team of 8 people with vision to positively promote St.Thomas and make informed decisions with all the facts?

The police station issue has clearly identified the need to ensure we are not making decisions before all the facts are in.

Aldermanic candidate Joan Rymal.

Aldermanic candidate Joan Rymal.

The Class A & B Estimates for the New Police Station, that will give a final and complete cost, will be received by Council in February 2015.

The exact time when the Part 1 capital budget will be presented. This is a change to the usual budget process for 2015 because of the Election in 2014. This only happens once every 4 years.
What an opportunity for like minded individuals to sit down with all the facts and make an informed decision regarding this issue!

The Asset Management Plan gives direction to the city to follow and recommends spending $7,000,000 on capital projects for rehabilitation and replacement for 2015. Can that be enough for departmental capital projects to allow for council to focus budget efforts on the police issue?

We have the money to do this project the right way, the first time, making an informed decision and closely looking at budget numbers to see just how much money we can allocate. We have the potential to minimize tax increases and minimize adding more long term debt. And it will not involve any Staff layoffs or Service levels in the operating budget. The focus is on the capital budget.

What is the risk to wait and make the right decision in February 2015? Speculation is nothing but talk and only adds to citizen concerns about the future of St.Thomas.

The Police Services have been waiting 10 long years, waiting for the city to take care of their needs while they have taken care of the safety of this city without complaint about their workplace.

I think it’s time we do it.

Then, for 2016 – we’ll focus our efforts on another project.

How innovative! Imagine us taking care of ourselves and not waiting for some industry to come to town and save us!

We can do it. It is possible. Count me in to be part of this team.”

Very Sincerely,
Joan Rymal

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