There’s no video to see here people, so just move along


Last week in this corner we tabelled the first of a two-part thumbnail summary of each aldermanic candidate’s presentation at a meeting held Oct. 1 at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Each candidate was allotted five minutes in which to introduce themselves and their platform to about 150 people in attendance.

Here are the remaining individuals who appear in the order established by the organizers.

Ald. Jeff Kohler, Mark Burgess, Walter H. Green and Mike Manary were not present.

John Allen: A veteran of six campaigns, he stressed this municipal election is about choosing a new council. A body that will be fiscally responsible and make the right decision the first time. And council must ensure the city remains a progressive municipality.

Tom Johnston: A veteran of 14 years at city hall, he stressed it’s time to build a council that works together. Such a body needs to approach budget deliberations earlier and it must learn to live within its means. The city also needs to put together a succession plan to deal with pending staff retirements. “Experience,” he noted, “counts more than ever.”

Rose Gibson: A positive attribute is her 30 years of retail experience. She, likewise, stressed the need for the in-coming council to work together. She listed completion of the skate park as one of her priorities and vowed “I will be prudent with your tax dollars.”

Phil Thomson: Made it clear he is opposed to the construction of a new police station. Also made it clear he is a big fan of renewable energy. The city has need of a commercial waste management program, he pointed out. In closing, Thomson said “St. Thomas deserves a brighter future.”

Mark Tinlin: A former councillor and deputy-mayor of the Township of South Frontenac, he vows to help St. Thomas change for the better. He is calling for fiscally responsible, open and accountable government . . . a council focused on decision making while letting the administration manage. He would like to re-open the Bush Line transfer station. And he envisions a St. Thomas where elected officials place the interests of citizens ahead of themselves and their pet projects.

Had the pleasure of participating in taping of the Rogers televised mayoral debate Wednesday, where this corner asked the three candidates how much they anticipated spending on their campaign.

Mayor Heather Jackson pegged the figure at under $6,000 and it would have been less had she not needed new signs. Much of that money was coming from family and she was accepting no financial contributions from developers.

Ald. Cliff Barwick said he would spend under $5,000 and 75% of that was his own money. Like Jackson, he was accepting no developer money.

Ald. Mark Cosens was quite curt in his response, noting he would file a report “at the end of all this.”

He advised he has received financial support “from a couple of developers, but I’m not at liberty to put out their names.”

As to how much he will spend seeking to become the head of council, Cosens chose not to reveal that figure.

I guess we’ll all have to wait for that report at the end of all this.

Because it’s all about fiscal accountability, isn’t it?

Why would a member of council block a video from public viewing when that promo piece played a role in gaining the individual a seat at city hall?
Ald. Mark CosensFile photo
You know the video we mean.

The one where Ald. Cosens vows to construct a new HQ for the long-suffering police service if elected. No doubt that video gained him a measure of support and, with it, a seat on council back in 2010.

Click on the YouTube link today and you get a message noting this video is private.

Why it’s like the video never existed . . . a figment of the imagination.

Is someone trying to alter history?

Jan 16 St. T. Energy 2 PB
Ald. Johnston has a snappy, 20-second YouTube video that lists the boards and committees he sits on or on which he has served as chairman.

But why no mention of your involvement with the board of directors of Ascent?

For heaven’s sake, Tom, you were the chairman for several years.

Surely an oversight.

On his blog, So You Want To Be A St. Thomas Councillor?, Steve Peters has posted the following message:
“Greetings Members. I spent 4 years as the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature and being the Administrator of this site is bringing back memories. Been there, done that. I do not have time to look after/babysit this group. Is there a non partisan person in this group that wants to take over? If not I will disband this weekend. steve”

A non-partisan person, eh?

That prompted this query from an anonymous reader:

“If Steve doesn’t want to take sides on the Facebook site he created, why is he in an ad in today’s Weekly asking people to vote for Mark Cosens? Its hard to tell in the ad who is actually running … Steve or Mark?

Don’t you love election time?

“I have a clear plan to continue to move us forward. I have a plan that is based on facts and hard numbers, not illusions or musings.”

Mayor Heather Jackson chides her two opponents, aldermen Cliff Barwick and Mark Cosens, during taping of the Rogers televised mayoral debate.

City Scope appears Saturday in the Times-Journal. Questions and comments may be emailed to

One thought on “There’s no video to see here people, so just move along

  1. Priceless piece of blogging Mr.McCallum… It’s a shame your razor sharp wit and keen political insights are wasted performing such a menial task as editorial blogging. You really should have run for Mayor. It is also evident to this reader that your partisan tainted, bordering on libelous writing style would be more suited to scripting attack ads for the Straussian Diktat Conservative regime that is currently occupying the offices of the PMO and actively mocking due and lawful democratic process in the House of Commons.
    Don’t worry I’ll keep reading …. Even if your bosses are not Brian MulPhoney and the newly crowned prince of Quebec separatism P.K. Peladeau anymore. What goes around comes around especially on the news wire…..


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