Aileen Carroll strikes again

Erie Street United Church, Ridgetown, Ont.

Erie Street United Church, Ridgetown, Ont.

Minister Carroll,
I’ve attached a photo of the Erie Street United Church,in Ridgetown,Ontario.The church was recently demolished,after you FAILED to issue a “stop work order” on the demolition.It’s fast becoming a trend,that you readily give the go ahead to bring down every heritage building that is threatened,without so much as a second look.
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Aileen Carroll misses the call, again

Minister Carroll,
It’s an absolute DISGRACE that once again,you have allowed another historic building to be demolished.The Erie Street United Church,in Ridgetown,Ontario is another glaring example of your complete FAILURE as Minister of Culture.What will it take for you to see the value in Ontario’s heritage?.We lost Alma College in St.Thomas,Ont on May 28th,2008 due to your lack of interest.It has become very apparent that you’re more interested in opening art galleries,and celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ontario Science Centre,for which you were all over the news “bubbling” with enthusiasm for this “regal” event.Could you possibly put some of that enthusiasm towards our built heritage?.At the rate you’re going,you could wipe out all of Ontario’s built heritage,with one term in office.These buildings have stood upwards of 100 years,withstood the brutal Canadian weather,have given back to the Province of Ontario in spades,and your way of re-paying the favour,is to send the wrecking ball to their front door.Premier McGuinty needs to rein you in,before you completely wipe out Ontario’s identity.Every building you demolish,is like tearing a page from the history book,every time a building falls to the ground,so to goes with it the legacy that took a 100 years to create.I’m not only sad for the people who are fighting for our heritage today,I’m also sad for the people who years from now,will only have photograph’s of these beautiful & historic buildings.It’s a very sad time for our built heritage,and I can safely say the biggest threat to every historic building in the Province of Ontario,is Aileen Carroll.

Bob Foster

City abdicates heritage responsibilities

Ian McCallum

Ian McCallum

Nearly seven months after it succumbed to fire, Alma College is still in the headlines for the negligent fashion in which the owners, city and province deal with this heritage property.
In a presentation to council Monday, Suzanne van Bommel, president of the Alma Advocacy Association, called on the city to enforce minimum property standards, an action it could have pursued several years ago, but instead the municipality chose to abdicate on its heritage responsibilities. Continue reading

Alma not our responsibility, Mayor Cliff Barwick

St. Thomas Mayor Cliff Barwick says a clean up order should be in place by spring, but it is up to the province to decide what happens, not the city.
Supporters who had wanted the property declared a heritage site before the fire destroyed the buildings, continue to mourn the loss.
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An Alma Christmas story

Aileen Carroll,
I recently drove the 2 hours from my hometown of Brampton,Ontario,to the beautiful City of St.Thomas,it was a windy & snow-swept day,and as I pulled up to 96 Moore Street,the place in which beautiful and historic Alma College stood for 130 years,tears came to my eyes,as I was looking over to the quaint little chapel,because one of the roof tiles blew completely off,and tumbled across the rubble filled property. Continue reading

National historic sites deteriorating

Funding cuts are eating away at national historic sites says a survey done in early 2008 for Parks Canada. The Environics survey found nearly 70 per cent of the 689 national historic sites not managed by the federal government are in fair or poor condition, or have elements that are in poor condition.
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