Lorain Looks Off Shore At Lake Erie Wind Farm

From 90.3FM WCPN website:
Former ironworker John James Sekulic wants to put his brother ironmen back to work – by having them construct multiple Ohio wind farms through his company.

Sekulic’s company has applied for a $10 million grant from the state Air Quality Authority, and this week got further backing of the Lorain government, which favors a wind farm at the western edge of the city, about 2 miles off shore.

But the Ohio Department of Natural Resources hasn’t quite completed developing a regulatory process to award underwater land leases for wind turbine development. Sekulic’s firm needs 13 of those leases to start building 13 wind turbines, and he’s giving state officials a strong incentive to approve them.

JOHN JAMES SEKULIC: The reason we’re doing this is to create economic development and job creation.

Once the state signs off on it, Sekulic says the wind farm off Lorain could be operational in 5 to 7 years.

Canada on target to meet 2010 ethanol mandate

ethanol-pump1_12756Canada currently has 1.4 billion liters in ethanol production capacity, with another 600 million liters under construction – all adding up to the 2 billion liters of ethanol production required to meet the federal government’s five-percent renewable fuels standard (RFS) by 2010.

Canada currently has 15 operating plants with a combined total capacity of approximately 1.4 billion liters.
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