Humility is a more endearing quality than unabashed ego

By George Cuff
Regardless of the size of the community, the role of mayor or councillor is important. It adds to the community’s sense of well-being and its degree of pride. It is not to be mistaken for the importance one should have as a member of their family, nor should it replace the recognition that humility is a more endearing quality than unabashed ego. We all leave elected life eventually – often more quietly than when we entered. The question that should be asked is this: What difference did we make?
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Wind farms demand careful and sensitive planning

By Douglas Hunter
Winnipeg Free Press

On the way to the Hudson River valley in early May, I made a point of detouring through Lewis County in upstate New York, to see the 320-[MW] Maple Ridge Wind Farm, which began operating in 2006. With 195 turbines, it is the largest installation in eastern North America.

I’ve long been skeptically supportive of wind power, skeptical in terms of whether we’re putting farms in the right place, where they can actually generate enough juice to justify their expense. I’ve been fearful of their introduction to natural areas like parks, but I’ve also found the anti-wind lobby exasperating in its at times hysterical, out-of-date facts, plain weird allegations (like electromagnetic-induced illnesses), and a propensity to propagate fringe-element denials of climate-change science.

All that said, I wanted to see for myself what life might be like in the midst of a major wind farm.

Leash-free park dogs St. Thomas council

Some members of council could find themselves collared Monday as a deputation promoting an off-leash dog park for the city states their case for having St. Thomas join the growing list of communities with designated areas for owners and their pets..
Such a facility has been bandied about for years and the issue has ostensibly been parked due to insurance concerns.
A recent conversation with treasurer Bill Day confirmed legal liability is a legitimate concern, however that hasn’t curbed the more than three dozen municipalities in the province which have off-leash facilities, including three in London. Continue reading

Rural schools unfairly targeted, parent finds

Small rural schools are being shuttered at a disproportionate rate around London, even though half-empty city schools remain open, say Middlesex County advocates for a coalition to fight rural school closings.

Karen Aranha of Glencoe said she crunched the Thames Valley District school board’s numbers and found most of its empty classroom spaces are in London, but most school closings are in Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties.

Sales are Job No. 1 for Elgin county

From the St. Thomas Times-Journal

A committee aimed at keeping Ford’s St. Thomas Assembly Plant in business is taking aim at police forces across the country.
That’s according to Jim McIntyre, county councillor and mayor of Southwold township, who, with representatives from St. Thomas and the county, particularly from the economic development and tourism office, met May 14 in Toronto with provincial ministers to talk about the future of the Ford plant.
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Understanding Prosperity Without Growth

“The truth is that there is as yet no credible, socially just, ecologically sustainable scenario of continually growing incomes for a world of 9 billion people.”

This rather terrifying quote is from “Prosperity without growth? The transition to a sustainable economy,” published by the Sustainable Development Commission, the U.K. government’s sustainability watchdog. The report is the result of a year-long inquiry by the commission led by Professor Tim Jackson, who has been developing the basic concept across his entire career.
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Building an empire, one tree limb and cottage hook-up at a time

CEOBrian Hollywood is leading St. Thomas Holdings Inc., through a period of expansion, albeit one small step at a time.
The most recent announcement came to light ten days ago when the purchase of Tal Trees Inc., of Belleville, Ont., was proclaimed to city council at the close of regular business.
But what exactly have St. Thomas taxpayers, the real shareholders in St. Thomas Holdings, acquired in Tal Trees when the deal is finalized on July 2?
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Ah, before you go on holiday Aileen Carroll

The Alma College supporters are requesting that the Ministry of Culture give “provincial heritage designation” to 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,before you & your cabinet colleagues embark on a 14 week summer vacation.We’ve now waited well over 11 months for a response from you,and on Thursday May 28th,2009 it will be 1 full year to the day,that we lost the college to arson,however 2 buildings and an outdoor amphi-theater still await protection from your ministry.It would be a fitting tribute to every student and staff member,who walked the halls of Alma College,if they could once again visit the chapel,the music building and the outdoor amphi-theater.Will you step up and give “provincial heritage designation” to this historic land,giving this sad story a positive ending?.We still await some form of a decision.

Bob Foster

Ethanol worries

The point here is that ethanol can be a big problem for engines, engine systems, certain types of fuel tanks and fuel lines. So as governments, ethanol producers and various proponents promote efforts to increase the amount of ethanol in fuel to 15 per cent from five to 10 per cent now, we should all take a deep breath.
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