Ford needs its own deal with the union — urgently

For Ford, which has not asked for government loans, legacy costs are the main target in its effort to keep building vehicles at its two Ontario plants in Oakville and St.Thomas.
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All remaining employees at Chatham truckmaker given layoff notices

CHATHAM, Ont. — Layoff notices have gone out to all remaining employees at the Navistar truck plant in Chatham, Ont.

The notices would take effect June 27, just three days before the company’s current contract with the workers expires.

Navistar is required by law to issue the notices however, CAW national representative Joe McCabe says the truckmaker has gone an unexpected step further.

Layoff notices were also circulated to management staff and those not covered under the collective agreement.
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Wind Farm Design: Planning, Research and Commissioning

Posted by Ian:
So, you want to invest in wind farm technology or a bevy of wind turbines is soon to sprout up in your neighbourhood. Well, here’s almost everything you need to know about the technology.
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