Speaking Truth to Wind Power

Erie Shores Wind Farm

Erie Shores Wind Farm

by Michael Trebilcock

The Green Energy Act (Bill 150), now before the Ontario Legislature, is designed to expedite this process by taking planning responsibilities away from local municipalities like ours and remitting key decisions to subsequent ministerial regulations, leaving local residents no say in matters that will dramatically impact their lives and future generations. While we are obviously personally affected by this legislation, the following comments reflect a professional career studying economic regulation, including a year as Research Director of the Ontario Government’s Electricity Market Design Committee (1998). I have four major objections to the legislation.
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Ethanol ‘disaster’ risk for boats

Posted by Ian:
Have posted info on this in the past, but growing evidence that ethanol use in marine engines, generators and off-road vehicles poses hazards. And now more documentation, this time from Sydney, Australia …

Ethanol blend fuel poses a risk for boat owners and is “potentially disastrous” for any vessels that use petrol fuel tanks more than a few years old, industry experts say.

Government and industry adviser Gary Fooks said the blended fuel might be all right for 60 per cent of cars but was a “no-no” for 99 per cent of boats.
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Time to get political with built heritage preservation

city_scope_logo-cmykThe city’s built heritage received a welcome ally this week with the establishment of an Elgin-St. Thomas chapter of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, with the aim of preserving buildings and structures of architectural merit and places of natural beauty and interest.
With the notable exception of Ald. Heather Jackson-Chapman, our elected representatives at all levels of government have done little more than talk the talk when confronted with heritage preservation.
Witness Alma College. Better yet, the two remaining orphaned structures on the Moore Street property.
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