Ethanol, bugs, and drugs

These days, being a corn ethanol booster is a little like cheering for the Detroit Lions. The industry is on a heck of a losing streak. Not only have profits left the industry, but there’s mounting scientific evidence that it’s not the environmental godsend some would have us believe it is, and that it uses more water than our rural areas can afford to give up.
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Wind farm helps end coal use: Smitherman

The Enbridge wind turbine project near Underwood is a step toward eliminating coal-fired electricity generation, Ontario Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure George Smitherman said Friday at the project’s official opening.

It also provides economic stimulus for farmers, increases the tax base and provides employment, he said.

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St. Thomas council noted for what it didn’t do

Ian McCallum

Ian McCallum

A body of elected representatives is most often judged by what it does. In the case of city council, one of its most prudent decisions to date this year was what it didn’t do.
Instead of endorsing a resolution from the Canadian Auto Workers which in part requires the purchase of municipal goods and services “with the highest possible level” of Canadian content, council sought input from city staff.
A wise decision.
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