Catherine Nasmith, ACO President, interviewed on the loss of Alma College

Catherine Nasmith, President of the Architectural Conservancyof Ontario interviewed by CBC Radio on the tragic loss of Alma College and the value of conserving heritage resources. To listen to this interview,
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Science to guide Americans on ethanol use

Nearly half of Americans believe the production of ethanol puts pressure on the nation’s food and water supplies.

“In the beginning we were told that it is a clean, green fuel that could energize the U.S. agriculture sector and reduce our imports of foreign oil,” said Dulce Fernandes, associate director of the New York-based Network for New Energy Choices, an organization dedicated to environmentally responsible energy.
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Antibiotics pose concern for ethanol producers

Ethanol’s main by-product, which is sold as livestock feed, has raised potential food safety concerns.

Several studies have linked the byproduct, known as distillers grain, to elevated rates of E. coli in cattle. And now, distillers grain is facing further scrutiny because the Food and Drug Administration has found that it often contains antibiotics left over from making ethanol.
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