The thrill of an overtime victory

Posted by Ian:

The overtime in this case is not the NHL or NBA playoffs, but instead the generous overtime payouts at Elgin St. Thomas Public Health.

Cynthia St. John

Earlier in April, CEO Cynthia St. John took umbrage with this corner for reporting her more than $25,000 increase in salary in 2009, in spite of warnings of a tough budget ahead in 2010.

She advised Elgin County council a portion of that raise was due to overtime she accumulated during the H1N1 outbreak. She would like us to believe that must be taken into consideration when talking about her 2009 salary of $150,075, up from $123,627 in 2008.

The obvious talking point here is, why is the CEO entitled to overtime in the first place?

Now we find reaping the benefits of overtime apparently is not limited to the CEO, as two other managers appear to have benefitted from the swine flu scare.

Neither Carolyn Kuntz nor Laura McLachlin were members of the $100,000 Sunshine Club in 2008, yet lo and behold their 2009 salaries were an identical $114,221. That’s a tidy increase of at least 14%.

Nothing like the threat of a pandemic to boost salaries at a fevered pitch.

If Cynthia’s overtime rationale holds true, can we expect the salaries of all three individuals to drop substantially this year with no overtime to pad the total?

And why has no member of St. Thomas council cornered chairman Bill Aarts in open session for clarification of the comings and goings at this publicly-funded body?

There’s plenty of blame to share between Elgin St. Thomas Public Health and St. Thomas council.

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