Is the (spin) doctor in at Elgin St. Thomas Public Health?


To paraphrase American social historian and educator Daniel J. Boorstin, some organizations are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.
The latter is the case with Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, which has signed on the services of John Matsui of London, Ont., to address “communication issues” at the Edward Street organization which has cut loose seven employees in recent months and is now inviting proposals for “a physical needs assessment regarding the needs of general space for all ESTPH programs and services.”
When you pare back the bafflegab, they may be looking for new office space.
Matsui, who bills himself as a public relations/ public consultation specialist – dealing in the environment, technology and healthcare, confirmed to City Scope his working arrangement with ESTPH.
You can rest assured his first priority will not be puff pieces on the delivery of health services to St. Thomas and area. The past few months have prompted a litany of questions dealing with management decisions and the corporate direction adopted by CEO Cynthia St. John.
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