MPP Steve Peters to be first tenant in restored CASO station

CASO station, St. Thomas

ST. THOMAS – A change of scenery is about to happen for constituents who visit their member of provincial parliament.

Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Steve Peters will become the first tenant of the restored Canada Southern Railway (CASO) Station on November 1, 2010. Peters’ constituency office will move from its current location at 542 Talbot Street in St. Thomas to 750 Talbot Street, Suite 201 (second floor) in St. Thomas. The refurbished CASO Station will be fully accessible with an elevator. All of the rest of the constituency office’s contact information (telephone number, fax number, TTY service, e-mail address and website) will remain the same.

“I am extremely excited about calling the CASO Station the new home of my local constituency office,” Peters said. “A big thank you must go to the North America Railway Hall of Fame for providing this opportunity and for their continued efforts to restore this historic and majestic building.”

“The North America Railway Hall of Fame is very happy to have found our first tenant and we are even happier that it turned out to be our member of provincial parliament, Steve Peters,” North America Railway Hall of Fame President Paul Corriveau said. “Not only has Steve been very supportive of all of our efforts to date to restore the CASO Station, he is now showing real leadership by moving his office to our location and giving us a solid anchor tenant.”

Known for his love of local history, Peters was first elected to represent Elgin-Middlesex-London at Queen’s Park in June 1999 and he assumed the constituency office of the member of provincial parliament he replaced. Peters was also a founding member of the North America Railway Hall of Fame.

The CASO Station was built in 1871 and served as the hub of railway activity in the region, continuously utilized until the 1980s. The CASO Station continues to serve as a prime symbol of St. Thomas being known as the Railway Capital of Canada. A number of studies have identified the continued restoration of the CASO Station as one of the key components to the revitalization of downtown St. Thomas.


For more information contact: Craig Bradford, Communications Assistant, (519) 631-0666.

One thought on “MPP Steve Peters to be first tenant in restored CASO station

  1. Steve Peters has been a real asset in promoting the railroad theme in St. Thomas, and I think it’s great that his constituency office will be in the restored CASO station. Well done, Steve!
    Lavina Shaw, Port Coquitlam, BC


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