Company proposes Bruce Peninsula wind farm

A major wind energy project is being planned for the Bruce Peninsula, but it may be years before it proceeds, if at all.

PRENEAL Canada has signed an agreement with landowners on the Bruce Peninsula to option several thousand acres of land for the development of a wind farm that could produce up to 200 megawatts of electricity in the former Lindsay and Eastnor townships.

Daniel LeBlanc, the project director, said that the company was attracted to the area partly because of the wind potential but also by the keen interests shown by many landowners to work together on the project.
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Plagiarism, penny-pinching or pure coincidence?

We have in our possession this week a copy of the Economic Development Corporation’s proposed game plan for the coming years, which examines “its current and future economic opportunities and positioning,” in a proactive fashion.
The executive summary of the economic development strategy is chock full of feel good vernacular like: “champion an action,” “supportive infrastructure and delivery model,” and our favourite, “programs must be augmented by service delivery tools.”
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