In Carroll’s absence, vandalism continues at Alma

From Bob Foster

Dear Mr.Premier,
For over 1 year supporters of the Alma College property have been asking,begging & pleading with culture minister Aileen Carroll to give provincial heritage designation to 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,Ontario.The culture minister has not responded in any fashion to our requests.Alma College was lost to arson in May of last year,however 2 buildings still remain on the historic property,and were an important part of Alma College.It was reported yesterday that part of the historic front gate,known as “the Sifton Gate” has been stolen,leaving only 1 half of the gate.If the culture minister does not move soon to protect what remains,its only a matter of time before we lose whats left of the Alma College legacy.We ask you and Minister Carroll to give provincial heritage designation to 96 Moore Street,so we can restore the music building,the chapel and the outdoor amphi-theater.The theft of the Sifton gate is heartbreaking,and we now need to have government protection put in place to ensure nothing further is removed from this historic property.Will Minister Carroll do the right thing and honor this historic property with Provincial Heritage Desigantion? We await a response.

Robert F.Foster

St. Thomas and Elgin County Railway Museum purchase railway lands

From the Times-Journal
The future of St. Thomas’s railway heritage brightened considerably Tuesday with the announcement the Elgin County Railway Museum purchased its building from CN and the city acquired rail connections to the former L&PS nearby, now city-owned.

If the deal is finalized in approximately 90 days, it paves the way for St. Thomas residents to hear the sound of rolling stock moving along portions of the former Canada Southern line.

“At long last we have reached a stage for the purchase of the property,” Mayor Cliff Barwick said, addressing a small audience outside the railway museum.
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