If it walks and squawks like a carbon tax, it is a carbon tax

By Ben Eisen
Policy Analyst
Frontier Centre for Public Policy

During the last federal election, the Conservatives skewered then Liberal leader Stephan Dion’s proposed carbon tax as a “tax on everything.” The Tories argued such a policy would place a significant strain on household budgets, curb economic growth, and contribute almost nothing towards the stated goal of the policy – to combat global warming.

In all this, the Conservatives were correct. Unfortunately, their alternative of a “carbon market,” some details of which were given recently, will produce all of the same negative consequences as a carbon tax, with a few additional problems on top.
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The future of mental health care in St. Thomas-Elgin is the thin edge of the wedge

Proposed funding cuts in Elgin county are the thin edge of the wedge — cost-saving measures that may make sense in a business model, but when you’re dealing with mental-health issues, you may be saving dollars, but don’t people count?
Paring back of the outpatient Crisis and Relapse Prevention Service (CRPS) based at Regional Mental Health Care, St. Thomas, accessible to the public and physicians for the past 34 years, is another tragic example of a funding bias on the part of the province.
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