Canadian mayors pass resolution to shut out U.S. bidders from local contracts

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Canadian municipalities hope they are helping the federal government make a case against the Obama Administration’s “Buy American” policy, passing a resolution Saturday that would potentially shut out U.S. bidders from city contracts.

Delegates at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference narrowly passed the resolution 189 -175.
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Brian Hollywood shoots from the hip

Brian Hollywood describes himself as a “shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy,” and in the past that has placed the president and CEO of St. Thomas Holdings Inc. squarely in the sites of City Scope.
“I’m passionate about what I do,” Hollywood stressed halfway through a frank conversation with this corner a week ago.
“After 40 years in the business I don’t have to be here. But we’re creating something here.”
Hollywood agreed to an invitation to sit across the table in his office to candidly discuss his tenure at the utility, his vision for the future and the strategic plan that has led to a couple of key acquisitions, including the most recent, Tal Trees Inc. in Belleville, Ont.
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