Navistar set to slash staff, production in Canada

Posted by Ian:
We’ve been down this road in St. Thomas with Sterling Trucks, and now Chatham is about to find out there is no turning back when head office wants to shift production to Mexico. Today appears to be the beginning of the end for Navistar in that city as the once bustling plant becomes little more than a kit shop.

TORONTO, June 29 (Reuters) – Navistar International Corp (NAV.N) is set to significantly reduce its presence in Canada as it shifts much of its heavy-duty truck production to more cost-competitive locations in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

The company, which has been producing vehicles in Chatham, Ontario, since 1923, is set to cut its staff there by about 90 percent, the Canadian Auto Workers union said on Monday.

“We’re amazed that this company continues to do this,” said Sonny Galea, who represents office workers and technicians for the CAW at the International Truck and Engine Corp plant.
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2 thoughts on “Navistar set to slash staff, production in Canada

  1. as navistar has stated –the suppliers have moved farther south so the cost is highrt in canada to build!–duh !! they went there to follow you not the other way around. therefore i think that the customers who purchase your product should receive the same cost reduction you get by building it there. like walmart implies if it costs less we expect to pay less. so maybe you can pass on the 50 % savings to you customers..

  2. Jon: Our former chairman of the Economic Development Corp. and others in St. Thomas raised the same points when Sterling packed up and moved to Mexico. Pass on the savings or what incentive is there to buy their trucks. Ian

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