Ontario Lauded As North American Wind Power Leader


TORONTO, Jun 29, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Ontario, Canada was hailed as North America’s wind energy leader recently at an international conference in South Korea, where George Smitherman, Ontario’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, accepted the 2009 World Wind Energy Award.

The World Wind Energy Association presented its annual award to Minister Smitherman for his “outstanding achievements in making Ontario the leading wind energy jurisdiction in North America.” The international association also recognized the Minister’s role in championing Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, calling the recently adopted legislation a decisive step toward establishing a strong domestic wind industry in the province and making it a worldwide green leader.
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2 thoughts on “Ontario Lauded As North American Wind Power Leader

  1. What a cozy little group! The Ontario government gives funding to the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and other environmental groups to lobby the government for renewable energy (see http://www.TomAdamsEnergy.com)). The government gives lucrative contracts out to members of these groups, and then the international wind organization gives George Smitherman an award. There is a term for this, but I am too polite to use it.

  2. But Lynne…it has the word “green” in it. It MUST be good. hee hee

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