2010 Public Sector Salaries, County of Elgin

Figures released for 2010 (2009 salary in brackets)

BEECH-ROBERTS,RHONDA Director, Long Term Care Homes $117,125 ($110,686)
BRYCE, ROB Director of Human Resources $105,568 (new)
BUNDSCHUH, JIM $122,805 ($111,885)
MCDONALD,MARK Chief Administrative Officer $170,880 ($160,700)
WATTERS, CLAYTON Director, Engineering Services $112,819 ($110,686)

2010 Public Sector Salaries, Municipality of Central Elgin

Salary figures released for 2010 (2009 salary in brackets)

CROCKER, DON Fire Chief $105,564 ($103,519)
LARMOUR,SHARON Director, Financial Services $110,193 ($106,400)
LEITCH, DONALD N Chief Administrative Officer $120,178 ($113,833)
PERRIN, LLOYD Director, Physical Services $115,846 ($113,833)

2010 Public Sector Salaries, Aylmer and Township of Malahide

Figures released for 2010 salaries (2009 salary in brackets)
GIBSON, WILLIAM Const. first class police constable $106,749 (new)
KNIGHT, MICHAEL Sgt., police $111,082 ($107,517)
LAWRENCE, PAUL Const., first class police constable $106,454 ($103,418)
REYMER, ANDREW Deputy Chief, Police $116,193 ($117,274)
SEGUI, BILARDINO Chief, Police $123,875 ($118,791)

Township of Malahide
WILSON, SUSAN Director of Finance $102,584 ($102,152)

Fiscal restraint at city hall a matter of attitude


Totally unsustainable. That’s the only conclusion following the disclosure this week of municipal staff who earned more than $100,000 in 2010.

Membership in the sunshine club mushroomed by 44% — 39 city employees are included on the list, up from 27 in 2009. However, only 10 are city hall employees, while 16 are firefighters and 13 are with the police department.

Is overtime part of the problem, questions Mayor Heather Jackson-Chapman.

“Can we do something to curb that? What can we do to keep this in check to deal with this?”

Yes, overtime is a factor with both police and fire and, for the time being, there’s little St. Thomas can do.
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