Do what is necessary to provide appropriate care for our most vulnerable citizens

city_scope_logo-cmykWe picked up the cause last week of a Lambton Shores woman whose father was a resident of Walnut Manor, an independent supportive living home in St. Thomas.
In 2014, we documented the plight of the 14 residents of the Walnut Street facility who were being served such culinary delights as what was called pasta salad, consisting of macaroni and salad dressing. Or chicken wieners served on plain white bread for lunch.
An advocate for the residents at the time, lawyer Elena Dempsey, described the situation in this fashion.
“They run out of food and when they run out of food they concoct the most bizarre meals. I was told of one meal that consisted of spaghetti with instant mashed potatoes on top and mushroom soup poured on top of it.”
Mmmmm, nothing says satisfying like chef’s surprise. Continue reading


The dogs haven’t stopped chasing cars

Following an enjoyable, but all too brief, Christmas hiatus, City Scope returns with a tradition dating back ten years, where we welcome the newly arrived year by way of a final glance back at the wit and wisdom served up by some of those individuals caught in the glare of the spotlight over the previous 365 days.
Since that debut, we have broadened our horizon to include quotes from a variety of sources, among them Times-Journal readers and T-J website and Facebook posters.
As an unabashed hoarder of quotes, this look over our shoulder is an enviable task that conveniently meshes the preceding 12 months into a compact package to revisit upon the demise of a battle-weary year.
As American writer and editor Daniel Okrent keenly observed, “I’m afraid we’ll see reporters stop chasing quotes around the same time dogs stop chasing cars.”    Continue reading