Elgin’s Great War digital archives now available on line

The Elgin County Archives announces the launch of “Elgin’s Great
War: Sources on the First World War from the Holdings of the Elgin
County Archives.”
This digitization project, made possible through the financial
support of the Canadian Culture Online Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives, provides searchable, online access to more than 3,000 photographs, documents and objects relating to Elgin’s contributions to Canada’s First World War effort.
“The completion of this project has greatly enhanced access to
unique sources of information documenting a defining era in the
history of Canada and Elgin county and will attract a national and
international audience,” noted County of Elgin Warden Graham Warwick.
According to Elgin archivist Stephen Francom, “the success of this
project is directly attributable to the support the archives has
received from Elgin county council, the Elgin County Museum and our community partners, the 31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins), and is a testament to the excellence of the work of our project archivist, Jan Row.”
The site can be viewed by clicking on the “Explore … Our First
World War Records” link on the archives’ website


One thought on “Elgin’s Great War digital archives now available on line

  1. Readers will also enjoy Soldier’s Mail: Letters Home from a New England Soldier 1916-1919 which features the writings of U.S. Sgt. Sam Avery during the American involvement in the Great War. A compelling eyewitness narrative from the hot sands along the Rio Grande to the cold mud along the Meuse.

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