Invisible Aileen doles out cash for everything except built heritage

Alma College by Peter Robson

Alma College by Peter Robson

It has become evident that our premier is not keeping tabs on his cabinet ministers,in particular culture minister Aileen Carroll,the past few week Ms.Carroll has been handing out money likes she’s the head of the OLG,yet she has failed to set up a fund that would support built heritage in the province of Ontario.Owners of historic buildings need a place to turn,when they are in need of financial assistance to maintain these historic structures.Under Aileen Carroll’s “leadership” we are losing our built heritage at an alarming rate.Every historic building in this province deserves the full protection of our government,they were built with great pride,and should be maintained with that same pride,not the demolition by neglect that is being permitted by our current culture minister.In the City of St.Thomas,at the end of a quiet street,sits the property that was once home to historic Alma College,and for over 130 years 96 Moore Street was a magical place,that comes along but once in a persons lifetime and though the building had been neglected for the better part of 10 years,it still held its beauty,just waiting to be “re-born” but it was not to be,for Aileen Carroll failed to see the beauty in Alma College,and the end result was the college being set ablaze,on a warm & sunny May afternoon in 2008.On this sacred ground a part of Alma’s legacy remains standing,the chapel and the music building withstood the extreme heat from the inferno,and stand today as a reminder to all of us,that our past is precious and must be protected at all cost.Minister Carroll has remained all but invisible when it comes to taking a stand for built heritage,and the proof is on the property in St.Thomas,and though 2 buildings still need the governments protection,this minister ignores the pleas of thousands of Alma supporters who have asked the 2 remaining buildings be given provincial designation.We must protect historic buildings as a way of saying to future generations,we cared and we pass these magnificent structures onto you,and ask only one thing,that you maintain them properly,so that the next generation will also be able to enjoy the beauty of our past.As it stands today,we have more photographs of historic buildings,then the actual buildings themselves,which doesnt say a whole lot for our track record.We cant re-write history,but we can save it.

Robert F.Foster


One thought on “Invisible Aileen doles out cash for everything except built heritage

  1. Way to go Mr.Foster! Aileen Carroll has been given a pass far to long.If heritage advocates across the province dont get the word out,we will lose even more historic buildings,and its only a matter of time before we lose all the historic buildings that have created Ontarios identity.Alma College was one among many that really withstood the hands of time and showed us the beauty that was created a long time ago, in a time when architecture was really an art and a passion,unlike today where its almost like an assembly line,with huge stores being built,that are a carbon copy of every other store across Ontario.We are slowly losing our identity,and 100 years from now, we will only be known for our big box department stores,because they’re springing up on every corner,every empty field, and its a real shame that we’re leaving only this for future generations.Keep giving Aileen the boots,she deserves it!

    Michael Quartz
    Heritage Advocate

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